Re-Bienvenidos a Honduras

So here is my 2nd trimester blog, sadly at the rate that I update my blog this is actually true. I sincerely will try to stay up on my blog but my history must cause everyone to highly doubt this sincere attempt. As you all probably know I am finally back in mi pueblo de Camasca. After 15 hours of travel, gloriously interrupted by a night in a hotel with cable (yes I did thoroughly enjoy Glee dubbed in Spanish, thankfully the songs were only subtitled) and a hot shower, even though I landed into San Pedro Sula with the temperature at 98®. Although I may have complained and dreaded my return to Camasca on the breathtaking bus ride back (both for the beautiful mountain scenery and muddy curvy dirt road) I realized that I truly do enjoy my Peace Corps life especially my small little town where life proceeds slowly and everyone knows your name.

 Hahaha I truthfully just laughed a little before writing this next sentence. And then I opened my door to something resembling a swampy tiled insect farm. My concrete roof had started leaking a little before I left for the States, and rainy season had just started when I stepped on my plane. I am sure all of you intelligent people can infer that the leaking grew progressively worse and wreaked havoc on my apartment for the three weeks I was out of town. Let’s just say that my ongoing fruitless war against the ant population took a large hit in my absence and is now taking a back seat to cockroach inc. which has moved their headquarters to an unknown location in my house. Luckily a new counter-cockroach technology has been discovered allowing for a reduction in the population. Now you all (the 5 people who read my blog) have permission to use this technique as long as you give credit to Zacarias, my name in Honduras. It is simple, leave a plastic bag of flour out entirely shut on top of your mini-fridge. Wait two weeks and the cockroaches will have eaten a hole in the bag, entered into a glorious feast of flour, and depending on your previous cockroach settlement you will have a multitude of dead cockroaches that could not stop themselves from eating till death. A little disclaimer, bake pancakes at your own risk, I will keep you updated on the consequences.

After the initial shock and resulting cleanup of my house, I have settle back into daily life in Honduras. I truly do enjoy my time in Honduras and my experience in Peace Corps no matter what I said while drinking beer and barbecuing in the United States. I have a wood burning stove project that is about to take the next month of my life to finish where I am sure to lose the 7 pounds I gained back while eating blissfulness (yes it’s a word). I will keep you all updated on the progress and hopefully will find a rhythm in blogging. Also I would like to thank all of my friends and families who made coming back to Honduras that much harder. I really appreciate all the effort that was made to make my time at home that amazing. Also, my prayers and wishes are with Ryan Breiding and John Meyers, good luck and please stay safe.            



About lawyersgunandmoney

I am currently serving in the Peace Corps in Camasca, Honduras, a small mountain town located near the border of El Salvador. My project is Water and Sanitation.
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One Response to Re-Bienvenidos a Honduras

  1. Aunt Annie says:

    Please tell me you are not still eating that flour! And I never thought you truly hated your Peace Corps experience, but that the worst stories are the funniest and that the hardest experiences are usually the best!! We loved having you home, too! But please enjoy every moment – us ol’ folks are living vicariously through your adventures!

    Love you – Aunt Annie

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