Cash Money from the United Nations

I know two blogs in under three weeks is a probably a bad idea, what with the dangers of high expectations. My current location, the local restaurant, and activities, obviously writing a blog and watching Nadal vs. Murray at Wimbledon[1], at 11 am on a Friday afternoon displays the benefits of Peace Corps life and not having an actual boss. In reality, I am “working” waiting for calls back from a warehouse in La Esperanza and a man in Jesus de Otoro to finalize the purchase of materials for the more efficient wood burning stoves project. If I had a boss or actual job I imagine I would be sitting in an office waiting for these calls, instead of enjoying another apparent choke job by Andy Murray, after looking dominate in the 1st set. The $6,000 big ones from the United Nations for our 90 stoves project arrived yesterday in the local bank meaning an incredibly busy next couple of weeks.

The experience of running a project with my site mate Blair, another Peace Corps volunteer leaving in September, has been for lack of a better word an experience. Living in a small town three and half hours down a dirt road from the nearest big city (approx. 10,000 habitants) makes going to the bank an extended affair let alone managing a project. For example, for the wooden stove you need a combustion chamber made out of clay. The combustion chamber includes a cylinder, where you place the wood, connected to a clay pot that brings the heat from the burning wood to the stove top. The lady that has experience in constructing these combustion chambers lives in community called San Lucas which is located an hour walk from Camasca. The lady appears to be about 102 years old[2], so even if she could somehow hear a cell phone call, she does not own one nor is there any existence of cell phone signal. The best way to contact this lady is a long walk to her house or sending a message with the milk man that travels to the community every day on horse.

The other day I filled out a Peace Corps Volunteer Survey, which is done worldwide every year, and I laughed at a question, “Did the Peace Corps website, pre-departure information, or web videos prepare you adequately for your future two years of work?” After the question they ask, “What could Peace Corps have done better to prepare you for life in the Peace Corps?”  I just thought the questions were pretty fun because the truthful answer is that there it is not possible to prepare someone to run a project when one of the major portions of the project is done by a woman only accessible by a milk mule. Although, as can be expected in a foreign culture and language, we have experienced numerous setbacks and delays, our project continues to progress “paso a paso, poco a poco” step by step and little by little. Well I have to head back to the mayor’s office and leave the British people to their misery of watching their fellow countryman implode poco a poco.

P.S. For those interested I have taken the fight to the cockroaches. By positively indentifying a cockroach egg cluster a huge victory for Operation “Please Just Leave Me And My Pancake Mix Alone” PJLMAMPMA, I am working on the name, has been accomplished. The last name of the operation “Die you mother%&%$*&% pinchebastards” did not make the cut past my PC censors’ knifes.

[1] I would guess 90 percent of people would spell Wimbledon as you pronounce it Wimbeldon what a mysterious word, it sounds like one of the houses in Harry Potter. By the way thank god for spell check my generation would be lost without it.

[2] Poor British fans Murray just held his serve in the third set, after being broke three straight service games and they cheered like he hit a shot between his legs to win the tournament.


About lawyersgunandmoney

I am currently serving in the Peace Corps in Camasca, Honduras, a small mountain town located near the border of El Salvador. My project is Water and Sanitation.
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2 Responses to Cash Money from the United Nations

  1. dougneumann says:

    Georgetown University looks like Hogwarts from Virginia. What a great experience this is. Embrace it. As usual, stay safe, stay strong and kill cockroaches.


  2. Hilary Neumann says:

    Well, done Zachary! That blog transported you right into my kitchen. The communication via the milk man is pathetically sort of neat. I lost my cell phone for 24 hours and felt like I had a fallen off the face of the earth, which now leads me to think- who is the pathetic one now?!
    I love you brother,

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