Simplicity and some other stuff

So I am writing this blog because during my important research the
internet crapped out in Camasca, Intibuca. I was actually planning a nice
little evening at my office, including some die hard research for my upcoming
fantasy football draft, 7:45 Eastern time, but once again my beautiful little
rustic town gave me the big middle finger. I wonder if people who dream about
going back to a simpler time realize that simpler usually just means suckier. Let
us take for example washing and drying machines compared to hand washing each
pair of clothing and hanging it up outside. Washing clothes without modern
necessities is always followed by cursing the heavens every time the rain keeps
you from shedding 2 day old gym shorts, aka replacement undergarments, from
your glorious clean boxers. The process of hand washing and using the good old
natural sun to dry your clothes seems romantic but let me tell you, it is just

Another example, I have watched and read numerous people talk about the benefits going back to the good olddays of small scale farming without the huge machines hindering our inherent personal relationship with the soil. I totally agree that large scale farming
in the United States has gone off the deep end; I just watched a documentary
but forget the name which does an adequate job of portraying big business
farming as the evil stepbrother of Adolf Hitler. However, I have never seen a
job more physically and mentally tiring than cultivating beans and corn by hand
on a small scale. I say and my Honduran compadres would agree, Bring on the heavy
machinery and acres upon acres of corn.

I know in one of my 7 blogs over the last year or so I have probably
talked about how I love the simplicity of life in Honduras, which is still
true. However, right now the simplicity of life in Honduras at times just makes
life harder and more importantly, is keeping me from a very important research
session and my perfectly planned day. Okay back to my glorious day. I bought a
small bottle of Something Special in the big metropolis of La Esperanza that is
located 3 .5 hours from Camasca to enjoy during the draft. Something Special is
a cheap in America, expensive in Honduras scotch whiskey. [Oh and if Big
Brother Peace Corps is reading my blog, which they probably are not, due to
budget cuts that have caused the firing of a multitude of staff, I would like
to state that by office I do not refer to my counterparts office but actually a
room in my private house where I may or may not partake in a small drink of
this Something Special.]  More
importantly, I am currently beating down Uncle Joe Breiding in our fantasy
baseball playoffs which gave me a limitless pool of insults to utilize in
response to his inevitable and always funny sarcastic remarks. For example, hey
Uncle Joe I just read that scoring half as many points against an opponent that
lives in Central America with no access to any real sports data or baseball
games in a crucial playoff matchup makes you a certified idiot booo-yah. Semi-nailed
it. Okay my insults are a work in progress, and I was hoping they would improve
after the aforementioned Something Special.
And now these insults and my nice little Thursday afternoon will be for
not, because I live a Romantic simple life. Also an equal cause of my lack of
internet is that my NGO just figured out facebook exists, and use up our memory
limit every day browsing pictures and posts like college freshman girls or
Peace Corps volunteers with good access to internet. Which I guess totally
ruins my blog because in simpler times facebook did not exist and therefore my
Honduran counterparts would not be able to waste our internet on facebook
instead of doing their jobs. And the stupid gringo might be doing his job
instead of browsing the top 10 busts and sleepers in this year´s fantasy draft.
So I am at my office, with nothing of worthwhile to do, including putting off
writing my personal statement for my law school application because it is
online, except give my limited readers an example of the dangers of allowing
any one with fingers and a computer to write a blog. Anyways if you have
actually lasted this long and read my entire blog, probably hoping I would
touch on something interesting, here it is,

I have decided to make Ohio State Law School my number one choice and
early enroll into their program. This means that if I am accepted I will have
to rescind all my applications to other schools and enter into their law
school. I have thought about this decision since before I entered into the
Peace Corps and for some reason had always envisioned myself attending law school
in New York City. However, I think Peace Corps has really allowed me to grow up
and realize the important things in life. I am an Ohioan Breiding/Neumann boy
that will always feel out of place without being close to an amazing family and
friends. I am done missing events and time with my family and being only a 2
hour drive away in Columbus will be ideal. Additionally the inevitable
meltdowns or downright lousy seasons by our sports teams are better experienced
drinking a cold one sitting next to a friend/dad who understands the words shot,
fumble, drive, decision, and blowing being up 3-1 game against the Red Soxs
with Sabathia and Carmona, which I like to call it the choke of the aces, which
resulted in someone receiving a 250 dollar ticket and 1 year license suspension.
Another important factor in my decision to make OSU my number one choice is
that I have been working on my punting as of late and thought I could walk on
to the team. You know law school is pretty expensive and I hear the Ohio State
football program has a special scholarship program that provides college
athletes with free cars, untold amounts of money, and discounted tattoos, I am
envisioning a classy tramp stamp, for memorabilia. But in all seriousness, if
they actually let me into their university I will never root for Ohio State
football and will utilize my privileged tickets to pay for my dad and I´s trips
to the big house, that is a promise. Wow looks like I just nailed my personal

Oh and more importantly I was semi-able to draft my fantasy football
team due to an internet modem that connected me to the internet, although very slowly thank you very much Blair Wrangham and God for not ruining the connection with his rain.


About lawyersgunandmoney

I am currently serving in the Peace Corps in Camasca, Honduras, a small mountain town located near the border of El Salvador. My project is Water and Sanitation.
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One Response to Simplicity and some other stuff

  1. Andi Haas says:

    Zack, if not for the simple life, you wouldn’t have had the time to write such a lengthy and entertaining day-in-the-life. Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you’re a little homesick…that’s a good thing. Your family really misses you, too.

    Be well,


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